Thursday, 26 September 2013

There's no combination of words I could put on a back of a postcard..

I will never forget.

I will never forget what you brought me. You probably didn't realise that, right ?
I met you when I was hopeless, I thought I was a "desperate case" and you made me think I could be special, just for one person. But you were exactly the kind of person I wanted to be special for.
It's been more than two years and I cannot imagine who would I be by now if I continued to be the girl I was, with her dreadful and tortured mind.

I shared almost everything with you. My happiness, my wishes, my weirdo side, my projects, my tears and my fears. I shouldn't have.
In my opinion, that's my biggest mistake. I should have been strong enough to keep them for me, in me.
Our perfect special relationship became a destruction, for both of us. I was too anxious, too nervous, too peculiar. An unstable girl.
It's been two years you entered my life, and even if it wasn't always good or clear, I had you in my mind, very close to me.
We both shared some parts of our lives, but I probably told you too much. You knew too much, you knew me too well.

Sometimes, it's like you were/are the only one capable of understanding me without any judgement, I wasn't too special or weird for the entire world when I was with you, I had my own place, my own role.

I can't put words on our relationship. I don't even know what kind of message I'm trying to transmit here.

It's just that.. There is something unaccomplished between us and I just want you to realise that I wasn't using you, I've been completly honnest and you could see the girl I was/am.
But we needed this end, we needed to start something else and I was hoping you wouldn't take me out of your life. But it happened.

I can't force you to be friend with me and I can understand I'm unbearable.
But please, please, never doubt : you changed me. Life appears differently. You made mine kind of a good movie and now the film is over.
You were the kindest person I could met and I've been lucky. My most beautiful moments. My most cheerful days.

Everything needs a real end, even us.

I will never regret.
I will never forget.
Thank you, for eveything.

Ginger Potter.

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  1. Comme c'est touchant, je suis vraiment "rentrée" dans ce texte. Non tu n'oublieras pas et il n'oubliera pas. Avoir la force de se séparer parce que ça ne va pas alors que des sentiments sont là c'est juste wow... Ca fait mal oui, ça déchire ton petit coeur mais tu en resortiras plus forte. T'es une personne admirable ma Ginger, n'en doute jamais s'il te plait... <3