Thursday, 26 September 2013

There's no combination of words I could put on a back of a postcard..

I will never forget.

I will never forget what you brought me. You probably didn't realise that, right ?
I met you when I was hopeless, I thought I was a "desperate case" and you made me think I could be special, just for one person. But you were exactly the kind of person I wanted to be special for.
It's been more than two years and I cannot imagine who would I be by now if I continued to be the girl I was, with her dreadful and tortured mind.

I shared almost everything with you. My happiness, my wishes, my weirdo side, my projects, my tears and my fears. I shouldn't have.
In my opinion, that's my biggest mistake. I should have been strong enough to keep them for me, in me.
Our perfect special relationship became a destruction, for both of us. I was too anxious, too nervous, too peculiar. An unstable girl.
It's been two years you entered my life, and even if it wasn't always good or clear, I had you in my mind, very close to me.
We both shared some parts of our lives, but I probably told you too much. You knew too much, you knew me too well.

Sometimes, it's like you were/are the only one capable of understanding me without any judgement, I wasn't too special or weird for the entire world when I was with you, I had my own place, my own role.

I can't put words on our relationship. I don't even know what kind of message I'm trying to transmit here.

It's just that.. There is something unaccomplished between us and I just want you to realise that I wasn't using you, I've been completly honnest and you could see the girl I was/am.
But we needed this end, we needed to start something else and I was hoping you wouldn't take me out of your life. But it happened.

I can't force you to be friend with me and I can understand I'm unbearable.
But please, please, never doubt : you changed me. Life appears differently. You made mine kind of a good movie and now the film is over.
You were the kindest person I could met and I've been lucky. My most beautiful moments. My most cheerful days.

Everything needs a real end, even us.

I will never regret.
I will never forget.
Thank you, for eveything.

Ginger Potter.