Tuesday, 15 October 2013

DIY: How to be thanked by your tummy.

Hello little kittens!

Today I'm back with a...

Every person who knows me can tell you that eating is kind of a lifestyle (I'm not exaggerating that much), and that I'm a real sweet tooth (but I've already told you I was "one of them").

That must be the reason why I wish I could eat breakfast everytime I take a meal, ahah.

After this revelation, it won't be a surprise for you if I present a granola recipe, right?

When I went to my market last week, I was staring at all kind of cereals and I was like "OhMyGeorge, why are them so expensive? It's nonsense !"
It's like I HAVE TO pay between 7 and 10 dollars to eat granola for a week. I'm just a student, I don't want to be ruined because of my gluttony! And they always put too much this or that, and not enough pecans in their boxes. (NEVER ENOUGH PECANS!)

I finally decided myself to cook my own granola for this Autumn, with everything I love (not exactly everything, ice cream would have melted if I'd put some..) and I can tell you: that was one of my best ideas!
I'm giving you my recipe right now, or I'll never stop talking writing.

You'll need:

- 2 cup oatmeal (500g)
- about 1 cup oleaginous seeds (between 200g and 250g). I put pecans (I had to!!), hazelnuts and unsalted sunflower seeds.
- 2/3 cup unsweetened dried fruits (150g). I put cranberries and prunes.

- 4 tbs (4 c.à s) coconut oil (or walnut oil, for example, but coconut is the best, according to me)
- 4 tbs (4 c.à s) maple syrup
- 3-4 tbs (3-4 c.à s) agave syrup
- 2 tbs (2 c.à s) honey
- 2 tbs (2 c.à s) vanilla essence

What you'll have to do:

First of all, put your oatmeal and your oleaginous seeds in a big bowl.

 Mix a little bit.

Add your unsweetened dried fruits. I sliced my prunes because I prefer to have a lot of pieces scattered in my granola than entire lumps. (it's already pretty nice, isn't it?)

When you're done with this step, you can put your coconut oil, your maple syrup, your agave syrup, your honey and your vanilla essence in a hot pan until everything is mixed up.
Add your preparation in your big bowl. With the help of a big spoon, stir until your almost-granola is entirely covered with your liquid part. (I was very dubious with the quantities but it has been fine, so don't worry if you think you lack sauce, you just have to continue and be patient!)

Then, spread it on a baking tray covered with aluminum. Put it in the oven at 270ºF for 30 to 45 minutes.
When you think it's enough, let it cool and put your granola into jars!

I eat mine with almost everything: almond milk, applesauce, ice cream (I couldn't include it in my recipe but I can take some with my recipe!), or greek yoghurt if you like it..

Once you've done your first batch I think you're ready to change your recipe depending on seasons (with papaya, mango, macadamia and coconut slices for Summer, hmmm) or your mood.
And because you'll be proud of you, every morning will be joyful and cheerful, with a touch of comfort,  trust me! 

And you, what's your favourite granola recipe? What would you put in yours?
Have you ever tried my recipe? Please let me know, and send me your opinion about it!

Ginger Potter.

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