Sunday, 30 June 2013

Did you just say cupcakes?

Hello my dears !

I'm back with another recipe (you'll notice that I've a sweet tooth).
When I was visiting my friend, Florence, in Montreal, she taught me how to make cupcakes and she shared her recipe with me.
Thanks to her, I'm able to make cute cupcakes. Would you want to do the same?

Let's begin !

You'll need :

-  1 2/3 cup flour (420g)
-  1 1/2 cup sugar (375g) (maybe 1 cup is enough)
- 2/3 cup cocoa powder (170g)
- 2 tsp (2 c.à c) baking powder
- a pinch of salt
-1/2 tsp (1/2 c.à c) baking soda
- 1/2 cup canola oil (125mL)
-1 1/2 cup water (375mL)

- 3 tbs (3 c.à s) flour
- 1/2 cup milk (125mL)
- 1/2 cup butter to room temperature (125g)
- 1/2 cup sugar (125g)
- 1 tsp (1 c.à c) vanilla powder (or vanilla extract if you don't have powder)
- food coloring agent (it's up to you)

What you'll have to do :

Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C).
Mix all the dry ingredients.
Then, you can add your oil, alterning with your water.

(I know you want to lick the spoon right now..)

Whip until you obtain a smooth mixture.

You can now put your preparation in tiny cupcakes mould (you'll fill between 12 and 15 of them) and let them in your oven, for about 25/27 minutes.

For you "buttercream" (it's not a real one), here are the instructions :

Cook your milk and your flour over medium heat until you get a pudding texture.
Let it cool at room temperature.
When it seems to be fine, whip the sugar with the butter for 1 to 2 minutes.
Add the vanilla and mix your 2 preparations in a high speed.
(if you use food coloring agent, it's time to use it !)

When everything is cool, put your buttercream on your muffins (they're still muffins until nothing is on it, according to me, aha.)

(It's pretty, isn't it?)

D.E.V.O.U.R. Hmm, I'm sorry. Eat properly, like a princess.

If you enjoyed this recipe, I give you a little alternative :

Add some mixed Oreo in your cupcakes' preparation and a whole one in the bottom of every mould.
Concerning your buttercream, you can make one with cream cheese, or just add some others mixed Oreo in the same recipe I just gave you !

Do you like cupcakes? What's your favorite flavour?
Have you ever tried this recipe? I assure you, it's not that difficult.

Enjoy every bite of it, you'll have finished before you can say YUMMY !

(Florence does not have any website but you can find her on instagram ! Click here, and enjoy her feed.)

Ginger Potter.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rimmel by Kate Moss n°102.

Hi girls ! 

How are you ? Today I'm back with my favorite makeup product (I guess) : A lipstick. (not especially this one, I love them all !)
In general. I wish I could buy every lip product I see, just because it can change everything.
You can decide to wear red lips with a casual outfit, to make it more classy.

I'm one of those crazy girls who never have enough lipsticks. Every tint seems to be important, every pink seems to be different and every reason is a good reason no to resist.

I'm losing my way. I'm here to share one (very) quick review with you. When I was in Quebec, I bought this lipstick ( between 6$ and 7$). It is the Rimmel by Kate Moss n°102.

According to me, it's a soft baby pink, almost nude on my lips, understated. When I don't know what to wear but I still want something sweet and feminine, I pick up this one, because it suits with tons of outfits/everyday makeups.

N°102 is the only color I have but I wish I had more because it's pigmented, it's quite easy to put on your lips and it smells pretty good.
Everything CAN'T be perfect : I won't say it dries my lips but it doesn't stay/evolve very well. It's like it reveals your little "cracks", you know what I mean?

But it's ok, I have the bad habit to apply my lip product too much often, just because I'm in love with the feeling of a fresh lipstick. (I know what you think : " Ohmygeorge she's so weird !", and you're right.)

What's your opinion about Rimmel products?
What's your favorite lipstick?
Do you like this one?

Let me know !

Ginger Potter.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lush addiction.


I think my blog contains totally random articles, let's say that's his "special thing", ok?

Today I wanted to tell you about my.. Lush addiction.
Don't look at me this way, I'm not kidding ! Once you've tried, you can't go back. You HAVE TO buy everything and try every new product.

First of all, what's kind of brand is "Lush" ?
Lush is not totally organic but still keeps some (very) good values.
  • Against animal testing.
  • Fresh products.
  • Handmade.
  • Simple packaging to reduce plastic waste.
  • Vegetarian, even vegan goods.
  • Large choice of fragrances.
Before you reach a Lush store, you can know there is one close to you, just by smelling it in the air.
When you're in, you're amazed by everything, aren't you?
That's what happens to me ALL THE TIME. I swear, I discovered it like 2 years ago and I'm a huge fan since then. 

Their ranges are for all type of skin, body or hair so anyone can find his perfect beauty product.

But it's not the only thing they sell. You'll be able to find solid toothpastes, bath bombs, gifts boxes, deodorants... Everything you need is here, waiting for you.

For more informations, check out their website :

I've been using so many products these past few weeks that my bath bombs are out of stock.. How can you take a girly bubble bath if you're not in a pink water which smells like flowers?

As I told you, I miss some Lush things but you can see most of my actual collection on this photo above.

I'm going to present you what are my daily favorites.

This moisturizer is really adapted for my face skin. It's not too rich (thanks to the lavender which is known to regulate) or too dry so I can apply it on my clean face, day and night. Its fragrance is light, quite relaxing and not a persisting one which gives you a headache if you know what I mean !

If you're looking for a (very) soft face scrub you can use everyday without any trouble, I've got your man.
I'm so sorry and so sad because it's a limited edition (I bought it for Christmas) and I hope they'll make it permanent because you can't resist to this salted caramel/popcorn smell.
(It contains some oil so it lets you a smooth sensation !)

But you're lucky.
My favourite lip scrub was a limited edition (for Christmas too, with the same perfect smell). It has been such a success that they decided to put it in their permanent collection YAY.
It's just sugar with coconut oil so you can eat it.. Just in case. (trust me, I'm sure you'll try)
Lips are really important. In my opinion it's a must-have if you want them to be soft and pretty, before you apply any balm or lipstick.

This product contains mostly tea tree. Have you ever heard about it?
What is it for? Personally, I'm using just a little bit of it on my spots, to dry them as much as I can and it's kind of.. Magic !
(some people use it as a tonic but it might be too agressive for me)

 Last but not least : my solid shampoo.
One pebble like this amounts to 3 bottles, do you realize? It's very easy to use, it's not heavy (so you can bring it with you everywhere, when you're travelling or whatever) and economical (because you don't need so much product to wash your hair). Isn't it perfect?
(I alternate with another so my hair don't get used to.)

Among products on the first photo, you also can notice some hair conditioner, body conditioner, liquid soap, hand cream (a solid and a creamy) and I think that's all.

You're right, I'm kinda obsessed with Lush, I could discuss about it all day long.

And you, have you ever tried Lush? What's your favorite product?

PS : It's not only a girl thing, a lot of men love some beauty products from this shop, they've also their own range !

Men, women.. Once you've tried, you can't live without these !

Ginger Potter.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

If I buy you a dinosaur, will you make me pancakes? (you may prefer a unicorn?)

Hi guys !

Today I'm gonna share something with you.
In my last post I was "joking" about pancakes and maple syrup so I thought it would be a good idea to give you my recipe. (we always have a good reason to eat pancakes.)

You'll need :

- 2/3 cup flour (170g)
- 2 tsp baking powder (2 c.à c)
- 1 tbs sugar (1 c.à S)
- 2 eggs
- 3/4 cup milk (20cl)
- a pinch of salt

What you'll have to do :

First of all, mix the flour, baking powder and sugar together.
Add the eggs then milk.

Whip it until you get a smooth mixture. (if it seems too liquid you can put some more flour, or milk if you think it's too thick.)
Leave to rest for at least 15 minutes.

When you're ready, heat up your pan and put a little ladle of preparation in it.
Don't touch.
When you can see some bubbles appear it's time for you to turn over your pancake, and cook the other side.

It's ready !

You will make about 15 pancakes, cool, uh?

I let you my little tips :
-I prepare everything the day before because when I wake up I'm too tired and impatient, I lack courage ! I just have to cook the number of pancakes I want and.. Eat them, of course.
-You can keep your mixture in the fridge if you don't want to make 15 pancakes in once. (but  I assure you it won't last long)
-Add you little touch with some vanilla extract, cinnamon, fresh berries, etc in it.

I put some maple syrup (so perfect) on mine. But you've got a large choice. You can go with some Nutella, peanut butter, figs jam.. (whatever you want !)

Enjoy, and tell me how did you find my recipe !

Ginger Potter.