Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rimmel by Kate Moss n°102.

Hi girls ! 

How are you ? Today I'm back with my favorite makeup product (I guess) : A lipstick. (not especially this one, I love them all !)
In general. I wish I could buy every lip product I see, just because it can change everything.
You can decide to wear red lips with a casual outfit, to make it more classy.

I'm one of those crazy girls who never have enough lipsticks. Every tint seems to be important, every pink seems to be different and every reason is a good reason no to resist.

I'm losing my way. I'm here to share one (very) quick review with you. When I was in Quebec, I bought this lipstick ( between 6$ and 7$). It is the Rimmel by Kate Moss n°102.

According to me, it's a soft baby pink, almost nude on my lips, understated. When I don't know what to wear but I still want something sweet and feminine, I pick up this one, because it suits with tons of outfits/everyday makeups.

N°102 is the only color I have but I wish I had more because it's pigmented, it's quite easy to put on your lips and it smells pretty good.
Everything CAN'T be perfect : I won't say it dries my lips but it doesn't stay/evolve very well. It's like it reveals your little "cracks", you know what I mean?

But it's ok, I have the bad habit to apply my lip product too much often, just because I'm in love with the feeling of a fresh lipstick. (I know what you think : " Ohmygeorge she's so weird !", and you're right.)

What's your opinion about Rimmel products?
What's your favorite lipstick?
Do you like this one?

Let me know !

Ginger Potter.



    I have at least... twenty lipsticks, thirty lipglosses, I love them. (My favourite brand is Mac.)

    I have a Barbie-pink lipstick from Mac that is just... WAAAAAAH.

    1. I prefer lipsticks to lip glosses, probably because I don't appreciate much sticky and glowy things, you know?

      I would die to have all the lipsticks (or even makeup) from Mac, arrrgh.

    2. Yaaaaaah Mac <3

      I like glowy but not really sticky - but I have a bluey-white lipgloss from Mac that goes perfectly with my barbie pink Mac lipstick.

  2. I'm the same! I love lipsticks! If it were up to me I'd have them all!
    This color is really cute, love it!