Sunday, 2 June 2013

If I buy you a dinosaur, will you make me pancakes? (you may prefer a unicorn?)

Hi guys !

Today I'm gonna share something with you.
In my last post I was "joking" about pancakes and maple syrup so I thought it would be a good idea to give you my recipe. (we always have a good reason to eat pancakes.)

You'll need :

- 2/3 cup flour (170g)
- 2 tsp baking powder (2 c.à c)
- 1 tbs sugar (1 c.à S)
- 2 eggs
- 3/4 cup milk (20cl)
- a pinch of salt

What you'll have to do :

First of all, mix the flour, baking powder and sugar together.
Add the eggs then milk.

Whip it until you get a smooth mixture. (if it seems too liquid you can put some more flour, or milk if you think it's too thick.)
Leave to rest for at least 15 minutes.

When you're ready, heat up your pan and put a little ladle of preparation in it.
Don't touch.
When you can see some bubbles appear it's time for you to turn over your pancake, and cook the other side.

It's ready !

You will make about 15 pancakes, cool, uh?

I let you my little tips :
-I prepare everything the day before because when I wake up I'm too tired and impatient, I lack courage ! I just have to cook the number of pancakes I want and.. Eat them, of course.
-You can keep your mixture in the fridge if you don't want to make 15 pancakes in once. (but  I assure you it won't last long)
-Add you little touch with some vanilla extract, cinnamon, fresh berries, etc in it.

I put some maple syrup (so perfect) on mine. But you've got a large choice. You can go with some Nutella, peanut butter, figs jam.. (whatever you want !)

Enjoy, and tell me how did you find my recipe !

Ginger Potter.


  1. Faut que je teste ça un de ces 4 :p

    1. Oui oui oui ! Tiens moi au courant, j'ai hâte d'avoir ton feedback !